Christmas Ideas

Christmas Ideas

Our Christmas Goodwill soap is back again, on its own or mixed with others in our 3 soap box Aromas & Colours of Christmas and as half blocks in the Christmas Giftlets. There are just a couple of new products – Sleepy Spray to help adults wind down and sleep, based on our Sleepy essential oil blend but also including hydrosols and lovely Australian bush flower essences to reduce worry and promote optimism. (This replaces our Mandarin & Orange Blossom spray, just too expensive to keep producing. For children we still make our Fairy and Hero Creams.) The old Lemonessence soap has now been replace with beautiful Gaia, our soapie tribute to our beautiful planet. We also have some cute and effective sisal Soap Savers – great for exfoliation or to store your offcuts and little bits of soap in. We did hope to have some lovely new Christmas candles for you, but unfortunately could not buy soy wax. Perhaps it will come back in stock soon.

There are still lots of lovely gift ideas here, and don’t forget the beautiful and unique Heart Urchin Soap.

Hidden Valley Broome Christmas gifts

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