Christmas Mailing, Hours and Wet Season Plans

Christmas Mailing, Hours and Wet Season Plans

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Although it looks like WA borders will soften a little soon, please remember that there are far fewer interstate flights, so freight is taking a lot longer than usual and is totally beyond our control. We aim to get paid orders to the PO within a day or two, but can’t give estimates of how long they take to reach you. We do notice that many people are choosing Standard mail rather than Express now, but please know these packages will not have priority on the planes. So our suggestion is to get in early with any orders meant for Christmas. We simply cannot give you a cutoff date this year.

We will close at noon on Thursday 24th December and there will be no shop or markets opening on Saturday 26th. Smokey’s birthday is on the Monday 28th (a BIG one folks!) so we certainly can’t open then. Ali will open the shop on Tuesday 29th to Thursday 31st 9-4pm. We expect there will be quite a few visitors in town at that time, for their Christmas break. After this, we will re-open from Monday 4th January with Wet Season hours, Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9-3pm plus Saturday 9-12 and Saturday markets if rain permits. This will continue until approximately April. The forecasts are for an early and possibly big Wet, with some predicting 8 cyclones. Let’s hope any damage is minimal.

Next year we intend to iron out any problems in our operating systems, get them really efficient but focused on being helpful and humane. And do our best to create more videos, blogs, and sharing of helpful information. At least that’s the plan! We will also have a Chat facility on the website soon, to help you with anything difficult or unclear, and to collect all your messages from any source.

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