Christmas Newsletter 2020

Dear Hidden Valley community,

Wow, what a year! Is everyone exhausted? How has it been for you?

As the year draws to a close we at Hidden Valley would love to affirm how wonderful it is to keep connecting with our loyal, beautiful customers. And to congratulate you, and ourselves, for sticking firmly to our values within the chaos we see and feel everywhere.

Mulla mulla flowers

What have we seen?  It has been crazy, frightening, difficult, divisive, isolating, but also HUGELY creative, connecting and transformational too.  What’s diminishing? We think selfishness, greed, separation, too much busyness, judgement, old beliefs, trust in governments and experts and institutions & mainstream media, and belief that we have to commute to work and learn.  What’s arising? More understanding of mental health concerns, self reliance and sovereignty, we are thinking more, waking up, seeing how science & spirituality are connected, more HEART less mind dominance, more people creating their own work, improvements in virtual global connections, rebalancing the feminine & masculine, and above all, seeing the Earth as our Mother desperate for our respect and care!

So thank you for sticking with us in this journey of ours to create and use earth-friendly skin care products and find ever more effective and sustainable solutions based on plants!  We see this as part of a better future world and you help us create it!

Hidden Valley Broome team

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