PALM-FREE Pearl Soap

Finally we have a PALM-FREE soap.
We’re so excited to introduce Pearl as our first ever Palm-Free soap. Chosen because of its delicacy in appearance and quality, it is a classic, original soap of ours that is colour-free and especially kind & gentle on your skin. Pearl is also what we use to make our beautiful Heart Urchin soaps and Pearl Balls.
Being able to make this range palm-free is something that only adds to their already luxurious qualities. We’ve replaced palm oil with cocoa butter and rice bran oil and increased olive oil.
Palm oil gives hardness to soaps. We have found it incredibly useful for our soaps especially up here in the tropics where heat and humidity affect soap hardness. Our solution is to reduce the amount of palm oil we use as much as possible and source only from the highest possible certified sustainable sources, which we pay quite a bit more for. Truly, half the goods in our supermarkets contain palm oil - handmade cold process soapmakers use an infinitesimal amount compared to the big food and soap manufacturers such as Nestle and Lever & Kitchen.
Several years ago we experimented (loyal customers may remember!) with a palm free Pearl Maxima. However we weren’t happy with the result and most people were reluctant to pay the extra cost. As much as we would love to see our whole soap range become palm free, we’re reluctant to make all the soaps this way for this reason.
Here, Pearl has come out really beautifully, and we’re really happy with the richness, colour and overall quality. 
What do you think? 
Pearl Soap


  • Hidden Valley Broome

    Hi Nigel, many thanks for your comment. This is the same Pearl, except now (since May 2021) it is Palm Free which we’re so happy about :)

  • Nigel Robert Menogue

    Is this the same pearl soap that I would have purchased in May 2018?

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