Sweet Dreams Soap
Sweet Dreams Soap

Sweet Dreams Soap

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Delicious, warm, sweet, luxurious vanilla soap, made with high-quality vanilla fragrant oils together with pure essential oils of orange and cardamom. An ideal soap for use with Smooth and Sexy Body Bars (fragrance match).

Caramel with pink and pearl white marbles. Contains pure essential oils of orange and cardamom with vanilla & warm vanilla sugar fragrant oils. Also contains saponified Australian olive, coconut, certified sustainable palm & castor oils.

What's the deal with Palm oil?

We tried very hard to ditch palm oil, being fully concerned about the situation with loss of habitat for orang utangs in SE Asia. However, palm oil is a really important ingredient for hardness and we found it impossible to replace all of it. Our solution was to reduce it as much as possible and source only Certified Sustainable Palm Oil which we pay quite a bit more for than regular palm oil.  Truly, half the goods in our supermarkets contain palm - handmade cold process soapmakers use an infintissimal amount compared to the big food and soap manufacturers such as Nestle and Lever & Kitchen. Several years ago we experimented (loyal customers may remember!) with a palm free Pearl Maxima. However we weren’t happy with the result and most people were reluctant to pay the extra cost. As much as we would love to see our whole soap range become palm free, we’re reluctant to make all the soaps this way for this reason.


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