Hidden Valley at the Markets

We would love to introduce you to our beautiful staff at the markets.....Emily and Kath. Kath is at the Broome Courthouse Markets every Saturday from 8 am till 1pm and Emily is at the Staircase to the Moon Markets (every monthly full moon) at Town Beach from 4pm. Do pop by to say hello if you're passing by. 

We have our full range of soaps and soap giftboxes, Midgie Magic, Pestoff insect repellent and a mixture of other popular apothecary items. However, we can't carry our whole stock range to the markets, so do phone by Friday morning (08 9193 7036) to ask for any special requests to be brought.

For the full product ranges, essential oils, skincare and candles please visit us in store at our warehouse in Blue Haze or online here. The shop is open Saturday mornings 9-12 if you can't find what you want at the markets.

See www.broomemarkets.com.au for more information...

Name: Kath White
Position at HV: Saturday markets

Q. What are you most passionate about? What gives you joy?

I love to have my hands in many a honey pot! When I think of why these honey pots, it’s all about our environment, community and sharing tools that can assist others to feel good about themselves! Self care and wellness sits with each of us as an individual, and is individual to each of us.
I am passionate about creating and sharing safe spaces to explore our own self discovery, our movement through our body and mind connection, our broader connection to others and our natural world, and to celebrate and nurture ourselves into a place of health & happiness.

Q. What are your gifts and skills?
I am great at bringing people together, and communicating with people from all walks and places in life. I can teach people to hang from silks, twist and stretch their bodies in ways they didn’t think they could, increase breath holds and deepness of breath, and inspire people to do what they love.

Give me movement, music, art, plants, and community. Yes I’m a ‘hippy greenie and a feminist’ none of which are dirty words, all of which keep our community healthy and happy! (Ha)

My favourite part of the job is chatting to people and sharing beautiful products I know they’ll love and enjoy, because I know the products are made with love and only high quality ingredients. Such an easy job when you’re sharing what you love and know.

Name: Emily Franklin-Browne

Position at HV: Staircase to the Moon Markets (once a month)

Hi my name is Emily, I'm a passionate Early Childhood Educator from the A.C.T 

I have been living and working in Broome since 2023. Like many, I have fallen in love with Broome. It's history, landscapes and people are truly inspiring.
Ali and I met in the Hidden Valley store, that's where the opportunity to run the stall at the Staircase Market presented itself.
Markets have been a part of my life since I was a teen. I have always enjoyed the atmosphere of a great market and meeting new people. 
Staircase markets have a great vibe and the most stunning views. 
I look forward to seeing you there! 

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