Broome & The Kimberley

Broome and Surrounds

Often referred to as the southern gateway to the Kimberley, this dry tropical seaside town simply oozes charm, history and character. Yet it’s not just the spectacular coastal setting, warm winter days and balmy nights that make Broome a ‘one of a kind’ destination.

You will see remains of the ancient midden on top of Kennedy Hill, next to the Mangrove Hotel, and the local tribe is Yawuru. Broome as a township was originally founded in the late 1880’s as a pearling port.  Broome was lucky enough to escape the White Australia policy, and boasts a vibrant multicultural population originally lured here by the promise of finding their fortunes in the pearling industry. Koepanger, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, European and Aboriginal cultures have all blended to create a captivatingly welcoming and colourful personality that is the heart and soul of Broome. And the town seems to attract more than its fair share of artists, musicians, craftspeople and spiritual seekers of all kinds. There is something wondrous and "sacred" about Broome. The colours are extraordinary, the sandstone rocks vibrant and full of dinosaur prints. Perhaps it is because of being surrounded by water, or being on special ley lines, or the profound influence of the moon and big spring tides... who knows? Either way, many people fall in love with Broome. 

Stroll on the world famous Cable Beach, home to an abundance of sea life, dotted with pindan cliffs, where the desert meets the ocean. Long renowned as one of the world’s best beaches, Cable Beach takes its name from the Submarine Telegraph Cable that was laid in 1889, connecting Broome to Java, and becoming the main form of communication between Broome and the rest of the world. Today, it is a popular location to relax in the sun, go for a swim, sail on a pearl lugger, go fishing or just watch the tide go out and enjoy a magnificent sunset.
Broome coast   
Wander through Chinatown and enjoy the contradiction of Broome, where historical buildings stand side by side with the architecture of the modern world. Among the modern pearl and art galleries, the infrastructures of the past subtly remind you of a day gone by, where pearling masters were celebrated and pearl luggers lined the shores of Roebuck Bay. If you take the time to explore, you’ll discover that Broome is rich in history and ethnic influence of the many cultures that have reached Broome’s shores. 
Broome Birdflower
Hidden Valley's logo incorporates the birdflower (Crotolaria cunninghamii) which grows profusely in Hidden Valley, near Broome.This valley inspired the early development of Hidden Valley Handcrafts and the flower is found throughout the coastal dunes of Western Australia.
We chose it because the flowers are both very common, yet extraordinary and miraculous, like so many of the plant oils and extracts we use in our products.
Sunset at Cable Beach

Sunsets over the Indian Ocean are of course, magical, especially in the Wet Season or when there is cloud about. 

Hidden Valley is pleased to direct you to the websites and contacts of some of our favourite friends, services, shopping and accommodation in Broome.

Great places to stay

  • Bali Hai Resort and Spa - delightful Bali style boutique hotel in Cable Beach, self catering including BBQs and the newer rooms have huge indoor and outdoor ablutions including wonderful double baths. Bali Hai can be full but you wouldn't know it - small, peaceful, quiet, easy walk to Cable Beach. Ali & Smokey's favourite Broome hotel retreat.
  • Chez Marguerites Spacious, clean and affordable, Chez Marguerites is a separate granny flat in residential Cable Beach. Walk or drive to the beach or Chinatown, or just relax in garden surroundings. Bus stop, Broome Recreation and Aquatic Centre, and TAFE are a short walk away, as are bush walks through remnant rainforest and sand dunes. Run by friend Carolyn Muir.



  • Broome Thyme an eclec­tic store locat­ed in Pas­pa­ley Plaza focus­ing on nat­ur­al health and sus­tain­able liv­ing and sup­port­ing local artists and small stock­ists. We sell sup­ple­ments and health prod­ucts, nat­ur­al skin and hair care, gifts, jew­ellery, local prod­ucts, baby wear, envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly prod­ucts, gift cards, books and much more.’  Run by Ann Timperley. 08 9192 3524
  • Monsoonal Blues - Beautiful gift shop stocking all your gifts and homeware needs.  Run by Julie and Cliff Russell. 6 Short Street over the road from the Paspaley Centre. (08) 9192 3277
  • Moontide Distillery - not a shopping venue but a Broome inspired Gin distillery just around the corner from our shop in Blue Haze. Run by the wonderful Trish & Andrew 0407974492


  • Broome Visitors Centre - you can't miss the sleek new building on your left as you drive into town.
  • Broome Museum - well worth a visit, has a new dinosaur display area and lots of great historical videos.

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