Shipping Information

Due to our extreme isolation in Broome, freight is expensive. However, we pride ourselves on speedy despatch of mail orders, so you can expect to receive your goods within a week after completing your order, unless a product is out of stock and needs to be made. In this case, we will notify you. 

We attempt to package everything securely and firmly in recycled boxes but the latest planes do fly higher, sometimes causing leakage of essential oils and liquids. We now use “TRAVEL SAFE” closures – either pumps or screw top caps on our liquid products.

If your lotion has a screw cap we also supply you with an extra press disc cap to replace it with for easier application. The general rule is, pumps on all bottles of 250 or 500ml size, and TRAVEL SAFE screw caps plus supplied disc caps on 50 and 125ml sizes. We tape most products and enclose essential oils in ziplock bags to guard against leakage.

Please be aware that there are currently delays to delivery times as a result of reduced interstate domestic flights. Whilst we are very efficient at turning around orders well within 24 hours, once the parcel has left our warehouse, it is out of our hands. Please see for more accurate delivery times. 

Please let us know if you have any problems – we want everyone to be happy with their purchases.

We currently use Australia Post bags entirely. Freight is calculated automatically by weight on this website, and is charged to you at little more than cost. We would love to be able to offer free shipping for every order but being a small business and with Broome being such a remote area we do currently need to charge. Tracking is automatically included.

Estimated delivery times:

Parcel - allow up to 2 weeks+
Express - allow up to 1 week+

Please be aware that there are currently delays to delivery times as a result of reduced domestic flights. Whilst we are very efficient at turning around orders well within 24 hours, once the parcel has left our warehouse, it is out of our hands. Please see for more accurate delivery times. 

Current STANDARD POST costs to any Australian location are:

500g/SMALL -  (eg. 2 x 30ml jars or 3-4 soaps)  $9.00 

1 kg/MEDIUM -  (eg. maximum 8 soaps)   $12.00   

3 kg/LARGE -  (eg. maximum 24 soaps)   $15.00 

5 kg/XLARGE -  (eg. maximum 42 soaps)  $18.00 

Current EXPRESS POST costs to any Australian location are:

500g/SMALL -  (eg. 2 x 30ml jars or 3-4 soaps)  $12.00 

1 kg/MEDIUM -  (eg. maximum 8 soaps)   $16.00   

3 kg/LARGE -  (eg. maximum 24 soaps)   $19.00 

5 kg/XLARGE -  (eg. maximum 42 soaps)  $25.00 


For an accurate international shipping cost please contact us, specifying your order and address so that we may calculate the cost of freight and let you know via email before payment and despatch. Please advise if you would like to add on extra cover for loss or damage, signature on delivery and SMS tracking notifications at an additional cost. 

For any large orders over 5kg please contact us, specifying your order so that we may calculate the cost of freight and let you know via email before payment and despatch. 

Lovely locals, we will deliver to your Broome address for a small delivery fee of $5.00 or choose to pick up from our shop in Blue Haze or to pick up from our stall at The Courthouse Markets on Saturdays 8am-12am. 

Returns and Exchanges

Please make contact with us to discuss orders which are not to your satisfaction - it is vitally important to us to have good clear feedback so we can improve. 

Phone (08 9193 7036) or email

In the event that your order arrives damaged in any way, please email us as soon as possible at with your order number and a photo of the item’s condition. We address these on a case-by-case basis. You will also need to take your damaged parcel to your nearest Australia Post office where the item can be assessed and compensated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that needs answering? Please contact us. We'd love to hear from you. 

So many reasons -

* We use a hand made cold process, not the hot process used for commercial soap which hives off the glycerine to sell separately. Our soap retains its lovely emollient glycerine, which is always a by-product in soap making.

* We use beautiful oils and fats such as Australian olive, coconut, castor oil, mango butter, not the cheapest palm oil. Check the label on "normal" soap - the main ingredient will be sodium palmitate, the soap created from palm oil.

* We use wonderful pure essential oils in high percentage - these are much too expensive for commercial soap which uses synthetic fragrances. Aromatherapists told Ali it would be too expensive to use pure essential oils in soap, but luckily she didn't listen!

* Because we make our soap in relatively small hand made batches, we can play with marbling techniques of beautiful cosmetic grade colours, to make soaps that are landscapes and express meaning, almost art. That can't be done with huge batches of extruded hot process soap.

* We invoke love and meaningful qualities into all our soaps - this is part of our ritual process to help our soaps cleanse and uplift at energetic as well as physical levels. Some customers actually feel this. 

To be honest, all our soaps are normally good for sensitive skins. Some sensitive customers tell us they can't normally use commercial soap but ours is fine. However, you may like to try Purity (a goatsmilk soap), Pearl (with soft essential oils) or Transformation (made for energetic as well as physical cleansing). 

At this stage we are too busy to offer classes to the general public. The exception is that we will help Year 12 Chemistry classes who have soapmaking in their curriculum. We have a simple recipe they may use to make their own soap (a much better recipe than the one in the Chemistry textbook), with ingredients you can buy from the supermarket, and will show them how we make our own soap and also discuss the chemistry involved. It's interesting for students to see how understanding chemistry can help create a successful small business.

Yes, we do. We tried very hard to ditch palm oil, being fully concerned about the situation with loss of habitat for orang utangs in SE Asia. However, palm oil is a really important ingredient for hardness and we found it impossible to replace all of it. Our solution was to reduce it as much as possible and source only Certified Sustainable Palm Oil which we pay quite a bit more for than regular palm oil.  Truly, half the goods in our supermarkets contain palm - hand made cold process soapmakers use an infintissimal amount compared to the big food and soap manufacturers such as Nestle and Lever & Kitchen. 

This year however we have made our first ever PALM FREE PEARL SOAP

We do not use parabens, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulphate or any animal tested ingredients in our Hidden Valley products. Preservatives are often the most toxic ingredients in skin care but they have become more eco friendly lately due to demand for this.

Soaps do not require preservatives. We use a number of Eco-Cert preservatives including Nipaguard SCV (Sorbitan Caprylate + Phenoxyethanol + Benzyl Alcohol & Benzoic Acid) , Benzylalcohol DHA,  an expensive natural preservative called Naticide (Inci name is parfum). We also use Optiphen Plus (Phenoxyethanol + Caprylyl Glycol + Sorbic Acid). 

It would be lovely to do without preservatives, but unfortunately most skin and hair care products with water in them would go off within a week or two. 

Moving to solid shampoos & conditioners has reduced the need for preservatives (and packaging).

There is no actual essential oil designation "Food Grade" in this country. Our essential oils are of the highest quality - we trust our suppliers, but Australian aromatherapists will never recommend ingesting essential oils even of highest quality.  The situation is different in France, and possibly the U.S.

We do! More specifically, we invoke divine blessings for our soap, and actually for most of our other products too. We believe in the power of spirituality and the blessing is in appreciation for what we have and our connection to the earth. By invoking blessings we ask that the soap is a vehicle for divine love, divine light and divine power. We ask for spiritual cleansing and inner healing for everyone who comes in contact with it. In this way, we hope to spread love and light into the world and is part of our bigger aim to create heaven on earth.

1. Healing Cream was the first "health helper" all herbal ointment we made, twenty years ago. It is still the best all-purpose first aid ointment for multiple skin problems. It contains lots of healing calendula, lavender, chamomile, tea tree, manuka, hypericum, anti-fungal myrrh and is great for wounds (use raw honey first), bites, rashes, cracked skin, chapping etc. Ali once staked her instep badly in Bali in humid February and used only Healing Cream and ate raw garlic, which avoided all infection perfectly. Her travel medical kit contains a small Healing Cream, Panadol & bandaids.

2. Midgie Magic is based on Healing Cream but has more specialised ingredients to soothe and stop itching and to heal bites. We have always been upset to see so many visitors to Broome covered in red itchy midgie bite welts. And the worst place to get these is at the Staircase Markets in July and August, when big spring tides flush the midges out of the mangroves. Cover up and use repellents on any exposed skin!  Our long experience with these insects has proven Midgie Magic to work well - just a small dab whenever bites feel itchy. Normally they take a day or two to heal and severe cases may need anti-histamines as well. It also works on other insects bites, including bee stings. The local pharmacy now also stocks this product.

3. Herbal Skin Calm is not an ointment but a non-oily soothing and cooling gel made from extracts of soothing herbs such as nettle, plantain, chamomile and chickweed, gelled with natural xanthum gum. It has lots of aloe vera as well as lavender & chamomile essential oils, so it is wonderful and cooling-soothing for sunburn. Use it when you are just unbearably itchy all over. Some people find it helpful for mild eczema, and it would replace Calamine lotion for chicken pox.

4. Achy Breaky is an ointment rich in arnica and appropriate essential oils, perfect for internal sprains, joint and muscle aches, bruising - it brings out the bruise and takes the edge off the pain. Use it after applying ice, but do not use on open wounds or if you are pregnant.

We wouldn't use any repellent on newborns - just cover them up in muslin wrap, keep out of mozzie situations, keep fans on, and if absolutely necessary smother any exposed skin in baby oil. This is actually mineral oil (which we don't normally recommend) but it stays on top of the skin so insects cannot get a purchase. If newborns are bitten by insects, the tiniest dab of Midgie Magic will help soothe and heal them.

For older babies and young children you need to weigh the alternatives: in the tropics we have successfully used (with no side effects) Pestoff on our grandchild with highly sensitive skin from about 12 months old when there was no other way of protecting him. There is about 3% essential oils in Pestoff, more than the recommended rate for children. However, sometimes this is a better solution than exposing them to multiple insect bites. There is no problem using Midgie Magic or Healing Cream as long it you just dab sparingly on bites only, not all over the skin.

We do offer volume discounts to business customers - please phone if you would like to discuss this. We are not structured to offer normal wholesale discounts, being geared primarily to sell to individuals rather than companies.

Normally when individuals order larger quantities we will try to give free freight or an appropriate gift or something new to try.

We normally say that since we use preservatives minimally, shelf life is a year from date of purchase, and we circulate stock to keep outgoing products as fresh as possible. However, in practice you may find some products last a great deal longer than a year. This is especially so with the strong herbal ointments such as Midgie Magic, Healing Cream and Achy Breaky which contain higher levels of essential oils and have been known to last many years. 

If you ever find mould or anything suspicious growing on your product, do not use it - throw it away. And do please let us know if you bought it recently - we can trace it by its batch number. 

We LOVE that more and more of you are asking about recycled packaging. This interest is so exciting to see and reflects our own ethos of stepping sustainably in this world so that we can continue using amazing natural, plant-based ingredients whilst doing our very best to conserve nature.

We pride ourselves on using recycled boxes for your orders – not always the most attractive option but it means we can stop new ones from being made. We also use shredded paper to pack orders which is shredded here in our own warehouse from scrap paper. The foam peanuts that we sometimes use also come from other packaging which we repurpose, we never buy our own. We made the switch from plastic to paper bags many years ago, and encourage you to bring your own bags when shopping with us.

Most of the sprays are in PET plastic amber bottles - the best plastics for containing essential oil products (but don't put them in the dishwasher - they will melt!). Where possible we have been replacing PET plastic tubs with re-usable aluminium tins, eg. for the body & hair mousses, Close Shave, and for solid shampoo storage. Packaging options in Western Australia are not plentiful, and Covid-19 has impacted supply especially from overseas.

Our overall intent is to reduce unsustainable landfill disposed packaging and general plastic and waste wherever possible and there is much to improve on in terms of ecofriendly, biodegradable packaging options – from recycled paper to compostable Sellotape, we’re on a mission to reduce our waste.

Any tips and and eco products please send them our way and Broomies if you have any small cardboard boxes, please feel free to drop them off next time you’re in 💚

By all means bring back essential oil bottles, sprays and massage oil bottles for refills on the spot unless we are super busy. Creams & lotions will need to wait until we make them again but we are happy to take clean jars for recycling. 

1) Cleanser

One pump will dispense an adequate amount for cleansing.  Apply to dry or slightly damp face and gently massage in. Add water to create a softening, mildly lathering effect, then rinse clean. Alternatively, remove with cotton pad or tissue. Remember not to drag skin.

2) Toning Treatment Serum  

Use one pump only – do not over apply. Rub between clean hands and smear thin layer over face and neck. Allow to dry before applying moisturizer.

3) Moisturiser

Only a tiny amount is needed of this rich, packed full of goodies cream – apply according to the level of dryness or humidity and the condition of skin. Generally a thin layer is adequate. Apply to entire face, being careful to pat around eye area and avoid drag.

4) Facial Exfoliant

Use this instead of cleanser as required to remove dry surface cells. For very dry and sensitive skin, weekly may be sufficient. Exfoliating action is created with gentle jojoba beads. Avoid vigorous rubbing. Rinse clean.