Man-gala Summer

Man-gala Summer

It’s Man-gala Summer here which means strong winds and monsoon rain, of which we’ve had enough for the garden around the shop to flourish with florals and new foliage.

Flowering plants

The new mobile-friendly website has been successful, we are so pleased to offer you an easy online shopping experience, accessible all-year round, and the feedback has been wonderful. Thank you friends!

Hidden Valley Broome website screenshot

There’s loads of events planned for the Kimberley this “dry” season including:

the Broome Cup 

Opera Under the Stars

Broome Rodeo and

Shinju Matsuri Festival.

So Rachel, Katrin and Ali are taking a break while they can, and will be back on deck by Easter, in time to set up the new shed rooms for full production.

Chocolate bilby

As we approach Marrul season (from the Yawuru calendar) we wish everybody a safe and enjoyable Easter, and hope to see you during the school holidays at the Broome Courthouse Markets, or in store.

Want to know more about the Kimberley's Easter mascot; the BILBY ?

Nyarlku takes all the jakurli to Broome

Threatened Animals - Bilby

Rangers Tackle Bilby Conservation

Species - Bilby


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