Newsletter February 2023

Mankala (Wet Season) sky over Cable Beach

(Photo by Stacey Renee)

Mankala time! What a Wet Season we've been having! Rain rain rain - so destructive for Fitzroy Crossing communities and that mighty Fitzroy River, causing havoc for the Great Northern Highway. But we are told the road from Broome to Derby will shortly be open again. Broome itself has experienced a wonderful January of rain every few days, around a metre in one month! And the most glorious Wet Season skies, like the one above. It is warming up again and drying off now, but there may be more rain ahead. Truly it has been one of the loveliest Wets we in Broome have experienced in 30 years.

But now for the mozzies! (An acceptable downside)


Kathrine calls it Penance for living in Paradise! 

As most of you know, Hidden Valley have long experience with insect survival, and at least every second sale is currently including either Pestoff (repellant) or Midgie Magic (good for all insect bites), shipped all over Australia.

Do they work? Check the reviews on the website. We are sticklers for honesty and are so glad that plant ingredients are effective tools to handle those lil critters, at least for most people. 

Assortment box of Half Blocks only $25
(SALE only while stocks last)


Back to school in WA!

Flat Oliver learns how to make soap.....

Late last year Ali received in the mail "Flat Oliver", a laminated photo of her eldest grandson who was then in Pre-Primary at Broome Primary School. As Oliver's Nanna she was asked to send information or stories to share in Oliver's classroom, to enrich their learning experience. Ali decided it would be fun to show Flat Oliver just how we make soap, and to give a little soap to each of Oliver's classmates. Katrin & Sabine took lots of photos.

Perhaps you might enjoy this story too: 

Much love to our amazing Hidden Valley family!

From Ali, Smokey, Kat, Kath and Sabine xxxxx




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