Newsletter June 2023


On June 30th Smokey departs from Hidden Valley to adventure into a new chapter in his life. Thank you for all these years Smokey – nobody can ever replace you! It’s a huge change for us as he’s been with us for nearly 30 years. We are going to miss him – his humour and kindness, his cheekiness, his steady rocklike stabilising influence, the fixit work he does behind the scenes to make things run smoothly, his help with the soap, orders and candles, his ingenious design of so much equipment, his presence at the Saturday markets and so much more. We hope he drops in to the shop and comes to sit at the market stall from time to time, giving us all his special brand of charm & cheek. We send him all our love and good wishes for a healthy, abundant and happy future.  

Smokey at broome markets selling soap
Ali and Smokey posing next to soap they made
Smokey cutting soap
Smokey 70th Birthday
We are all irreplaceable, each of us is a huge gift to the world, you are too.
Blessings to all x


The much awaited Barrgana - Dry (cold) season is upon us in Broome. Since severe cyclone Ilsa passed by below Broome in April we have experienced a remarkably cold May and are now well into Barrgana-Dry Season. The Broome pindan wattle flowered briefly before the cold Easterly winds blew away their flowers. Doonas & woollies were brought out early and the fishing is good off the new Town Beach jetty. 


What an amazing joyful spectacular event staged by Theatre Kimberley! Our Team had the privilege of being involved in this wondrous free community performance held on Town Beach as the tide came in. We wanted to share…
The performance told the story of the brave marathon flight our shorebirds make every year - a huge journey from Siberia, via Korea, China, past Indonesia to Broome's Roebuck Bay, to feed on our rich mud flats ("It aint grey crud, its all about the mud!").  And later back again. Centre stage was the Easter Curlew (Curtis the Curlew). The story included many of the challenges faced by these birds - fierce predating arctic foxes, the reclaiming of land in Korea & China ("How can you reclaim what you do not own, wasted space to you, for us it is our home."). Also Broome's challenges -  unleashed dogs, drones and ignorance about the mud flats! And the days of non-stop flight with no food!  Gorgeous giant illuminated puppets were created and performed, also a complete musical score composed in Broome and performed by a band, various local singers & singing groups including 150+ school kids. Yawuru Rangers were involved, Parks & Wildlife, Broome Bird Observatory, local dancers, and various languages spoken too. All in all it was an amazing community collaborative & educational event which made us feel very proud to live here in Broome. Never a country backwater! This is an amazing dynamic community full of extraordinary talented and creative people!
the shorebird quest broome
the shorebird quest broome
the shorebird quest broome
the shorebird quest broome
the shorebird quest broome
the shorebird quest broome
Photo credits to Ben Houston, Steve Kelsall, Robak Photography and Theatre Kimberley.


Dry, rough or cracked Skin? Fortunately Hidden Valley offers a variety of lovely products to ease and hydrate dry skin. Some of the popular ones include our classic old school moisturisers Avocado Cream (the richest), Rose Cream and Almond & Calendula, with Rejuvenate 3 as our top organic offering. These are wonderful used over Super Serum, hydrating all day long with hyaluronic acid & vitamins. And for those who prefer to ditch any emulsifiers or preservatives we have our beautiful Precious Facial Oil or Rosehip Regenerative Oil - both best used sparingly on a damp face after cleansing.
For the body there is a choice of body lotions or our rich thick shea body mousses. Or for a lighter lotion with hyaluronic acid try our After Sun Soothe & Repair Lotion, soon to be renamed just Soothe & Repair Body Lotion. Thick and nourishing Heel Balm is a favourite, not only for cracked heels but to soothe damaged hands as well. Or you might like our wholesome lemony Helpful Hands Handcream. Lets not forget the Lip Balms. Nor the gorgeous Smooth & Sexy scrub bar which removes dry dead skin & leaves a gentle cocoa butter coating.
you are a gift to the world

Hidden Valley team is grateful every day to live and work in this precious land which just keeps on giving. We honour its guardians and elders, ancient and emerging – Yawuru, Djugun, Nyikina and now many people from many places and races.  Thank you. May we all take good care of our land and live in harmony and connection with it, and with each other.

Much love to our amazing Hidden Valley family!

From Ali, Smokey, Kat, Kath and Sabine xxxxx


  • Harvey & Maureen Randell

    Hi Smokey, we remember you and Ali for the generosity of “Spirit” we shared all those years ago with Molly and Phil. What wonderful memories with the caravan parked up in the backyard.
    We trust you are in good health to enjoy a well earned retirement. Loads of love and Blessings, Maureen & Harvey

  • Terri & Hawk

    Hoping all is ok. Wishing the family the best 💚

  • Julie & Cliff

    Wishing all the very best Smokey and may your new adventures be rewarding.

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