Sneaky Peak - New Products Coming!

New Products - Sneak Peak

You know us, we can’t resist experimenting in the production kitchen and expanding with new yummy products!

New Product

Super Serum

We have some glorious ingredients for skin emollience and anti-aging, including hyaluronic acid (which holds 1,000 times its weight in moisture – wowsers!), co-enzyme Q10 (a naturally occurring powerful antioxidant), various vitamins and locally sourced boab and kakadu plum oil.  All these super-goodies will be lovingly blended into one powerful super serum.


Super Serum spray bottle


Planned for production during Dry Season, after May.


Pearl soap upgrade

Ali has been experimenting again to drop the certified sustainable palm oil from at least some of our soap. This time she is using Cocoa and Shea butters to replace the hardness factor which palm provides.


Pearl Soap

Stay tuned for results when the soap kitchen is ready for us to work with... after Easter.


Introducing... the Block Dock

vertical soap dish made well in New Zealand from high grade aluminium and is powder-coated to be hardwearing and long-lasting. Safely store all shapes and sizes of bars, including shampoo and conditioner. 

Use it by your sink or in the shower. Stand your bar at the front of the Dock for stability when new, let it lean it to the back over time with use. Every bar will dry faster and last longer. This hardwearing storage solution will deliver years of soap saving. 

The block dock weighs 30g and sticks to tiles via suction and comes in silver, black and white.

Comes with the Hidden Valley seal of

Block Dock soap dish in shower

It's time to give up single use plastic bottles and make the switch to solid bars, without ever suffering soggy soap!

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