What makes our soap so special?

After an exciting first week of soap making for 2024, I (Ali) wanted to share about what makes our soap special. It comes down to 4 main reasons. Click the video link to see Ali talking about them or read on below to see her words transcribed. 
The biggest one is the meanings behind the soap and the spiritual underpinnings.
There were qualities we wanted to embed in the soap - qualities like lovingkindness, purity and happiness. But it's more than that. For 30 years we have been invoking for divine blessings in EVERY soap we make. We ask for love, power, healing and particularly cleansing on every level - not just the physical level (as you would expect from soap) but the emotional, energetic and spiritual level. 
Our aim is that our soaps help you to find alignment and truth within your heart. 
We also add in crystal essences such as Moonstone and Alexandrite. Crystal Essences are a great tool to help you with your personal & spiritual growth. Each Gem & Crystal Essence holds a particular vibrational frequency or energy, which helps to restore balance and harmony to mind, emotion and your subtle energy systems.
The transformational energies of Alexandrite have the ability to draw one into alignment with Divine Will and to bring forward whatever changes are right for your growth now. We add Alexandrite to our Kimberley Wet Soap for divine sustenance, joy, self growth and spontaneous laughter.
Moonstone can promote emotional balance, reduce anxiety attacks, depression, and other mental ailments, helping you to find inner peace and stability. Moonstone also encourages us to embrace change and joyfully embark on new beginnings, inviting a sense of harmony and inner growth into our lives. We add Moonstone to our Full Moon Rising Soap for rising consciousness and connectedness.
I wanted to have my soaps express my own love and other people's love for this amazing place of ours, our beautiful Kimberley region. Soaps like Full Moon Rising, Cable Beach Sunset, Saltwater Country, Kimberley Wet, were all created based on showcasing the depth of colour we have up here.
(beautiful roebuck bay captured by @Allysha Cartledge ) It's views like this that made me want to capture the beauty of this country. 


We use high quality, nourishing oils, including olive, macadamia and mango butter. Some of our soaps also have our nourishing Avocado Cream for added creaminess. 

500mls of pure essential oils go in every 20kg batch of soap, sometimes even more. That is A LOT! You would never get that that in supermarket soaps. It obviously makes them smell so beautiful 


Glycerine is a natural by-product of the soap reaction and a natural humectant. It's what makes soap moisturising to the skin. We keep it in so it stays embedded in the soap. In commercially made soaps, salt is added in a hot process which separates out the glycerine and is sold separately to the soap. 

And those are the main reasons why we think Hidden Valley soaps are just so lovely to use. Thank you so much for using them! 

Love, Ali x 


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