Creating Your Sanctuary with Essential Oils

One of the joys most visited in our shop is the shelf containing our pure essential oil blends 🌷
Now that WA is opening up we face the high probability of having to stay home and isolate. Preparation of our sanctuaries might include a diffuser, if you don't have one. And a few of our beautiful blends:
Bush Breathe - to assist with breathing during upper respiratory tract infections, colds & flu
Protect - traditional blend from the plague days - a few drops in your sanitiser or in your floor or surface cleaners smells great & helps protect
Peace Blend - might be THE most popular - gentle and soothing
Welcome Home - specially good for fractious kids
Sleepy Blend - self explanatory, such good reviews of this
Sacred Space - traditional blend to purify and anoint rooms & spaces
Cable Beach Sunset - classic calming blend
Full Moon Rising or Intimacy - lovely sexy blends perfect for the bedroom
Celebrate - a new spicy blend perfect for convivial times with family or friends
Honey Myrtle + Lime - uplifting & stimulating, and great to counter bad smells
Joy or Light Heart - both citrusy blends to uplift
Woman Balance Blend - beautiful hormone balancing blend for women - ideal for the bath or used at 20% in fractionated coconut or jojoba oil in a roller as a perfume or directly on the belly to help relieve cramps.
Do you have a favourite? ✨
essential oil shelves

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