Hidden Valley's Troubled Skin Buster!

These are our best targets against troubled, oily, acne-prone skin, including gentle but effective plant remedies. Perfect for teenagers going through hormonal breakouts, or to use as part of your daily skincare routine to keep breakouts at bay. 

Clean Face Cleanser - Clean Face is a mild but effective foaming cleanser for normal, oily or troubled skin. We are reluctant to make foaming cleansers for the face, since most of them strip oil from the skin and result in even more oiliness. However, we have made this one with mild and naturally derived surfactants (foaming detergents) and have added lots of emollients and sucrose cocoate, a naturally derived product which helps avoid stripping the lipid layer. You can feel the soft cushiony effect after using this cleanser - the face is not pitted and stripped, just well cleansed. The essential oils are chosen to gently disinfect and soothe troubled skin. However, even people with dry skin enjoy using this cleanser. Only a tiny amount needed. 

Purified water, cocobetaine, decyl polyglucose, calendula, yucca and green tea extracts, glycerine, PEG 7 glyceryl cocoate, sucrose cocoate, conditiong thickener, phenoxyethanol, capryrlyl glycol & sorbic acid, pure essential oils of agonis fragrans, rosalina (melaleuca ericafolia), tea tree and Roman chamomile.

clean face

Ubtan Pitta - Totally natural, gentle, toxin free facial cleanser made from finely ground grains and herbs. 

When mixed into a paste this resembles a very fine scrub, suitable for daily use. Organically grown ingredients are included wherever possible, including various finely ground GMO free grain flours, organic herbs, flowers and essential oils. In effect, this is "going back to the future", as many people are demanding natural, chemical free cosmetics and we return to ancient, safe, effective skin care routines, marrying these with our knowledge of Western herbs and essential oils for skin care.

Mix 1 teaspoon to a paste with water, yoghurt, milk or dilute lemon/lime juice. Gently massage in and rinse well. To complete the totally natural (non-synthetic) skin care regime, we suggest you follow cleansing with an organic hydrosol (Roman Chamomile, Lavender or Neroli) to tone, and a few drops of Pitta Precious Facial Oil to moisturise.

Ingredients: Finely ground barley, oatmeal, rice bran and oat flours, French Argiletz white clay, finely ground sandalwood, slippery elm, ashwaganda, neem leaves, aloe vera powder, tumeric, tulsi (holy basil), green tea powder, yellow dock powder, cucumber powder, Vitamin C and pure essential oils of lavender, tea tree, chamomile, bergamot and helichrysum.    

Ubtan Pitta

Almond & Calendula Moisturiser - This is a light and gentle moisturiser, designed especially for normal to oily, acneous or combination skins. (It also makes a lovely hand cream). The calendula infused oil and extract in it helps heal any skin problems. (We love calendula, the ancient faithful healing herb for skin problems.)

Purified water, almond, calendula, jojoba and evening primrose oils, witch hazel, glycerine, vegetable derived emulsifying wax, Vitamin E, calendula extract, phenonip, pure essential oils of lavender (Tasmanian), geranium, palma rosa, may chang, chamomile and WA sandalwood.

Almond & Calendula Moisturiser

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