Inner Peace

Peace – we all want it.
We know it must begin inside, radiating out into the world. How do we do that? Peace is the moment when we choose love over fear. It’s fear that causes separation, anxiety and war. Unwinding from the threads of these separating thoughts leads to peace - fears of losing possessions or love, of being unworthy or insignificant, of being taken advantage of – all energies which contract or disconnect us from our source.  We are presented with choices every moment, which do we choose?  The choices are opportunities, teachers. Choosing love leads to peace, and this may feel soft, light, clear, simple, stress-free, supported, powerful, creative, nurturing, joyful, hopeful, open, receptive, connected to Earth, the sacred, and to infinite possibilities. Choosing love and peace feels wonderful in the body, and joyful to the heart & soul. Choosing love and peace sometimes needs the mind, that useful but limited human tool, to quieten down, to obey the heart. The energy that draws you from your peace is your mind, fearing what it doesn’t know or doesn’t understand or see. Some think that peace means that everything stops, but it’s only the mind & its constant commentary that stops as we step back into just simply watching, from peace. The Overlord of the Peace energy is said to be Lord Sananda, who is the cosmic version of Christ.

So what’s a simple practice to help bring us into inner peace? Imagine an emerald green fountain of light that flows through and around your entire body. Draw the energy up through the center of your being, from your feet through your vertical core, and allow it to overflow out of the top of your crown.
We hope our Peace collection can bring you solace and inner Peace when you most need it 💚


Peace Pulse Point Roller

A gentle, calming blend for inner and outer peace using Hidden Valley's classic peace essential oil aroma - gentle, blissful, spiritual and luxurious. Wonderful for calming homes or work spaces.

Contains Hidden Valley's Peace House Blend - pure essential oils of rosewood, palma rose, rose geranium, frankincense, lemongrass, tangerine and vetiver in cold pressed jojoba oil. 

We are delighted to add a personal pulse point roller for our classic Peace essential oil aroma, joining our Pearl soap, Peace soy candle, Peace essential oil blend, Peace Spray, Peace soap box and Peace Hamper. Hidden Valley Broome is proud to be an ambassador for peace through these beautiful products.

The Peace blend is our most popular aroma, certainly with Broome locals, but also with customers from all over Australia and the world. Ali has walked into doctors’ surgeries in Perth where she recognized the “Broome smell of Peace”. Dental and other reception areas order the essential oil blend in bulk, resorts and cruise ships use it as a linen spray, it’s a feature in local school classrooms and workplaces as well as homes, guesthouses & BnBs use the guest soap version, and it sells really well in our local shops Broome Thyme, Kimberley Bookshop and at Nakamuras in the airport. People come to Broome for a peaceful holiday, smell this aroma all around town, and it creates a wonderful cognitive memory they want to take home and have present in more of their lives. What an honour! To make a lovely effective product which joins forces with people’s beautiful intentions to create inner and outer Peace is indeed an enormous privilege and a source of deep gratitude to our customers, and real joy and fulfillment in the work we do.


Sacred Self Pulse Point Roller

A pulse point to resonate with each of the chakras using beautiful & precious essential oils. It invites protection & blessings to the energy field, helping you return to your true, essential self.

Contains: Hidden Valley's Sacred Self House Blend (pure essential oils of lavender, bergamot, juniper, sandalwood, frankincense, elemi, sandalwood, vetiver, rose absolute, jasmine, neroli & Roman chamomile) in cold pressed jojoba oil.

Kathrine (our sales manager) suggested this roller as a way for people to safely add our beautiful Sacred Self essential oil blend to their skin, especially at times of meditation or when wanting to really come inside and connect with or align to our true inner being. The essential oil blend is added at 20% in jojoba oil, and it is skinsafe, rich, deep and – yes – sacred. It contains the three precious flowers – rose (the Queen), jasmine (the King) and neroli (the High Priestess), as well as Roman chamomile, frankincense, sandalwood, juniper, vetiver, elemi and bergamot.  These are all chosen to resonate with the various energy centres in the vertical chakra column.




(Trainee Production Manager, also website skills & sales helper)

“I am passionate about everything that is handcrafted & handmade and the possibility to put my creativity into everything I make. Adventure, travelling and camping under the stars are also what I live for.

Organization is one of my best skills, also joking and irony to play down every situation and to make people laugh, even if in English this is more difficult for me.

I love always learning something new. And I love cooking (of course, I’m Italian!) especially making some of the most famous Italian dishes in a vegetarian version and sharing them with my friends.”

Favourite part of the job? “Using my hands to create something that helps others feel good. “

Dislike?  “Despite being careful, wearing gloves & aprons, I sometimes get raw soap spills on my skin – these are not fun!”



(Skincare & soap production)

“I am most passionate about art and being creative any opportunity I can – from collecting a beautiful shell off the beach to a painting for a wall, to food on the table. I really love doing my art and I always make the most of whatever opportunity or situation that I can.”

Favourite part of the job?  “I get to see great people, creative beautiful, helpful things and always finish my day smelling great regardless of how hot and sweaty I get!”

Dislike? “Not much time to sit or rest, but heh, my day flies by so I don’t really even think about that until the day ends.”



(Soap production)

Bella comes to us from the world of employment training, community engagement and TAFE Access. She particularly wants to find balance in her life by incorporating creative hands-on work.



(Customer greetings, story teller)

Roxy is our adorable new resident 13 year old Tibetan Spaniel who can hardly bark but who tells long stories to people she likes. She belongs to Heather & Oscar who live as caretakers (and ace organic gardeners) on the property. Everyone who comes into the shop is greeted and she mostly won’t shut up until they greet her back. She prefers not to be patted on the head, but her bum, back and under ears are all ok. She comes to work every day as soon as she hears the big shed doors open, and stays until home time. It’s just her job. In between customers she sleeps on her bed or loves to demolish the soft cardboard of empty toilet paper rolls.


Love and blessings, 


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