Spotlight on our Star Ingredient - HYALURONIC ACID

This has to be our current favourite amazing ingredient! Expect it to provide immediate hydration and keep your skin moist, soft, smooth and plump all day!

What is it?

Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) is a natural polysaccharide (large sugar molecule) that occurs in nearly every cell in the human body, rather like a “glue” holding cells together throughout the body. It has various other complicated functions too, involving “fibroblasts” and “cell-to-cell communication”. But our levels of HA begin to plummet after about age 45. In the skin this means less moisture, less plumpness, more wrinkles & crepiness.

It is said to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. It has been known since the 1940s, and used to be made from rooster combs. But recently scientists found it can be produced from fermentation of organic plant material.

What does it do?

There are several different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, which have different effects on skin.

  • Very high molecular weight/high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate forms an invisible and dense protective film on the surface of the skin helping to trap moisture and prevent external pollution and haze.
  • Medium molecular sodium hyaluronate adheres to the surface of the skin to soften the stratum corneum making the skin feel soft and smooth
  • Low-molecular and oligo molecular sodium hyaluronate combat preliminary aging, increase skin elasticity, and penetrate into the skin for deep hydration and nourishment.

We used to use the low & medium molecular weight versions, but have now accessed a product from the U.S. which combines all the different weights for a total effect. Ali is so impressed that she is trialling capsules internally from a company which promotes advanced health ingredients (Power Labs in Fremantle). As well as assisting skin health, these are said to also improve a range of health issues such as osteoporosis, relief of joint pain & loss of mobility, relief of Dry Eye, gum disease, fibromyalgia,  and wound healing.

Who is it for and how do we use it?

 It is suitable for all skin types including oily, acneous and troubled skin as well as dry, and it has not upset anyone we know with sensitive skin. It absorbs very quickly yet seems to last all day. It is perfect as an anti-aging anti-wrinkle ingredient, is anti-oxidant and helps with moisturising and sun repair.

We use it at 10% in our Super Serum. Please see the reviews, which keep coming in. Last week we had an older man praising it in our shop. It helps retain moisture, decreases any scaliness or roughness and improves the skin barrier function. During our Broome Wet Season it has been the only moisturiser needed by most of us at Hidden Valley. We suggest you use just 2 small squirts of Super Serum spread over face and neck immediately after cleansing. Follow with any other products such as moisturiser/facial oil when you feel the need to add an occlusive moisturising layer to lock in the serum. The Super Serum also contains many other beautiful ingredients – lovely oils, vitamins and super anti-oxidants like Co-enzyme Q10 of course.

We also use it, together with lashings of aloe, in the After Sun Soothe & Repair Lotion. This is a very light, cooling and easily absorbed lotion perfect after sun and wind burn, but also whenever skin needs a gentle repair and boost.

We are tempted to add hyaluronic to many other products too. Shall we? It may up the price – (the only down side).


Super Serum

After Sun Sooth & Repair 

After Sun Sooth & Repair Lotion


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