Deodorising Body Spray

Deodorising Body Spray

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We must have been making this one for 10 years - clearly an old favourite.

Naturally, aluminium free. 

Contains pure essential oils of rosewood, sage, palma rosa, patchouli, geranium, lavender, bergamot, niaouli and cypress.

Customer Reviews

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Alyssa Curtayne
It's the best!

I first purchased this when I lived in Broome about 10 years ago. I absolutely love it and get compliments everywhere I go. I haven't had some for at least a year and finally got around to ordering some bottles. I'm so excited to have this deodorising spray in my toiletries again, there's nothing else like it on the market. I've looked! Nothing else compares.

Thank you Alyssa! Yes we have made this for a very long time as it has its fans, like you! We really appreciate your feedback.

Judy O'Donnell
best deodorant ever

I first met Ali at a drum making workshop I ran in Broome many years ago and Monique took me out to Hidden Valley as she wanted to restock up on some deodorizing spray. I smelt it and thought I would buy some too. Each year i made sure I visited and grabbed some more. Now, even if not going up to Broome, I order it and have it posted out and so many times I have people comment on the lovely perfume I am wearing. When I tell them it is actually my underarm deodorant, they are blown away at how nice it is. I then pass on Hidden Valley details to them. The Best.

Body Spray

I've been wearing this since 2008 when I found it at the market during my 4 month stay with my sister who lives in Broome.
Since then I have discarded any perfume I've owned and this body spray has become my signature scent.
I've had people (women) stop me in department stores, when I'm out and about and ask me what (scent) I'm wearing as it's a 'lovely', 'beautiful', a fresh smell.
People at the gym I attend 5 mornings a week tell me they know I'm there even if they can't see me as they know ' my scent '.
The price has gone up $7 but that's not bad for 13 years and it is well worth it! I would be very upset if I couldn't purchase this product any more so thank you to the team at Hidden Valley Handcrafts