Meditation Pure Essential Oil Blend
Meditation Pure Essential Oil Blend

Meditation Pure Essential Oil Blend

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Pure essential oil blend to help deepen and slow the breathing and assist with meditation practices. The oils are chosen for relaxation, relieving any remaining anxiety, and for centre-ing, grounding and bringing the awareness within.   

Contains pure essential oils of frankincense, lavender, bergamot, cedarwood and vetiver.

 Frankincense - a favourite throughout history, which has helped create sacred spaces where peace and connection to self are possible. Frankincense oil helps support clear, deep breathing—whether used in meditation, during the cold season, or to strengthen the breath and chest on an ongoing basis. 

Lavender - such a versatile oil for healing and relaxation! We use our best quality Population Lavender. Many studies show lavender’s main components (linalool and linalyl acetate) to have a restoring influence on the entire system—body, heart, and mind, with special affinity for the skin too. We use it here to calm and relax the system from excess anxiety.

Bergamot - (bergapten free to remove any photo toxicity issues). Warm uplifting citrus that inspires positive feelings of calm security. This makes it helpful for staying centered during a stressful day, or for preparing your mind for sleep. Bergamot can also support physical relaxation, as it can ease tension from muscles and joints, or help settle an upset stomach. 

Cedarwood - Soft and woodsy, cedarwood essential oil casts its quiet shelter over rooms where it’s diffused, inspiring security, relaxation and peace. 

Vetiver - beautiful earthy base note when used sparingly, particularly wonderful for grounding in the body and reducing any tendency in spiritual practice to fly away.