Sacred Self Essential Oil Blend

Sacred Self Essential Oil Blend

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Sacred Self is a rich and deep pure essential oil blend designed for energetic clearing and inner self activation using beautiful and precious essential oils to resonate with each of the chakras. It invites protection and blessing to the energy field. It is a companion to our Sacred Self Spray.

You may feel immediately on smelling that this blend can help bring you up into your best self, when facing a challenge or when wanting to clear away something negative.  Use it also to remind you to lift up into your loving essence rather than your ego, and to live through the heart, without judgement, as much as possible each day. The blend is ideal to use with an inhaler, which can be kept close by each day, just to help centre and come back to the sacred self. Or just sniff it straight from the bottle.

This blend includes the three precious sacred oils - Rose (the Queen), Jasmine (the King), and Neroli (the High Priestess).

 Contains pure essential oils of lavender, bergamot, juniper, sandalwood, frankincense, elemi, sandalwood, vetiver, rose absolute, jasmine, neroli and Roman chamomile.