Caromas - Essential Oil Car Diffusers
Caromas - Essential Oil Car Diffusers

Caromas - Essential Oil Car Diffusers

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The Caroma is a nifty little stainless steel vent diffuser for your car, a breeze to use and both cute and functional. Perfect to enjoy pure plant aromas in the car (or other small spaces). And perfect to combat the dreaded smellies in the tropics, doggie smells, or in hot times anywhere! 

There's no need to worry about spilling essential oil over your car. These beautiful Tree of Life or Hearts diffusers are made to use with a highly absorbent pad that fits snugly inside. Simply open the magnetic diffuser lid, add about 10 drops of essential oil to the pad inside, close and clip onto the vent. The car fan blows air through the diffuser holes.  

What essential oil to choose? We suggest citrus based aromas that are fresh, energizing or uplifting. Ali's favourite is the fresh Honey Myrtle & Lime or perhaps another fresh onesuch as Light Heart. Choose Bush Breathe  if there are colds & flu about. You could also choose singles such as Blood Orange, Grapefruit, May Chang, Lemon Myrtle, or Lemon. For those wanting something to calm the kids, perhaps Welcome Home, or Peace. For something a little more floral, what about Radiance, Welcome Home or Cable Beach Sunset? And the latter evokes that tropical holiday feel of Broome, for those who miss it terribly. It is our alltime most popular blend and we are honoured to hear it referred to so often as "the smell of Broome"!

Happy driving! 

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