Cleaner's Joy
Cleaner's Joy

Cleaner's Joy

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Cleaner's Joy is D'Limonene, sometimes known as Spirits of Orange, an entirely natural biodegradable product made from citrus rinds. It's a clear concentrated fluid. Think of it as orange essential oil with the orange colour and any bits taken out.  

Hidden Valley is keen to limit the use of toxic chemicals in the home, and recommends the use of simple old fashioned cleaners such as vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, beeswax and D'limonene.

Used neat it is a fabulous solvent for anything sticky such as glues and gums, and is a direct safer substitute for other organic solvents. We like to add a few drops to the water used to clean tile floors and various surfaces. It is non-reactive on metal surfaces. And it smells wonderful! Just like oranges.

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