3 bottles, a soap, candle, love heart and magnet in gift box on white background
3 bottles, a soap, candle, love heart and magnet on white background
Feminine Power Toolkit Hamper

Feminine Power Toolkit Hamper

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A gift box of Hidden Valley products helping women find their power and voice, and assisting the resurgence and rebalancing of the divine feminine in the world. 

Contains Lovingkindness soap, Woman Balance pure essential oil Blend, Sacred Self spray, pure Bulgarian Rose hydrosol (for the heart), a small Goddess soy candle and instructions for ritual use, an inspiring fridge magnet, and information and instructions for all.

A really beautiful gift for women expanding in their understanding of themselves and their role on the planet.

Woman Balance Blend —  a 10 ml pure essential oil blend of fabulous nurturing & hormonally balancing essential oils for women. Great for PMT, period pain, menopausal problems, mood swings, depression & anxiety. Includes grapefruit, bergamot, lavender, geranium, clary sage, sweet fennel, R. Chamomile and real rose damascena. Use 5-8 drops in a bath, diffuser or massage oil for the whole pelvic basket area. 

Goddess/Love/Peace Ceremonial Candle (depending on availability) - a ceremonial soy candle for magnifying the divine feminine, both personally and throughout the world. Instructions and ritual suggestions are included. Contains beautiful feminine-resonant pure essential oils of rose geranium, bergamot, ylang ylang, lemongrass, orange, vetiver, frankincense, sandalwood and rose. See the instructions in pink pamphlet.

Lovingkindness Soap – a beautiful soap for goddess work. Hope includes feminine but powerful pure essential oils such as rose geranium and clary sage, also perfect for promoting emotional and hormonal balance.  Helps connection with the divine feminine.

Sacred Self Spray—Personal spray for chakra clearing and activation using beautiful and precious essential oils to resonate with each of the chakras, inviting protection and blessing to the energy field. This is a lovely spray to help bring you up into your best self, when facing a challenge or when wanting to clear away something negative.  Use it also to remind you to lift up into your loving essence  rather than your ego, and to live through the heart, without judgement, as much as possible each day. This spray includes the three precious sacred oils - Rose (the Queen), Jasmine (the King), Neroli (the High Priestess).

Rose Otto Hydrosol - Certified organic Bulgarian rose hydrosol. 100 % pure and unadulterated. Simply steam-distilled Rose hydrosol (flower water). From the Bulgarian Valley of Roses, rose water is cooling and mildly astringent, enhances recovery of the skin, lessens broken veins, is hydrating and naturally fragrant. Appropriate for any skin type, yet particularly for dry, mature, sensitive or devitalised skin. This rosewater is so pure you could drink it, but best diluted first! It's also a great energetic cleanser for crystals. It is highly recommended as a hormone balancer for all ages when used internally in dilution. And sprayed directly in the heart chakra area it's an immediate booster of heart/love energy. Some people claim that rose exhibits the highest vibration of any essential oil. 

* Inspirational Fridge Magnet — a little something extra to give you joy and courage.

At Hidden Valley we salute and support all women who believe, who KNOW, that they can be BOTH feminine AND powerful, that the world NEEDS their special gifts, that we don't need to copy men to be powerful, but need to be MORE of who we truly are. We hope our products help give you joy and courage. The love between sisters is changing the world.

            Yours, in sisterhood, the Hidden Valley team.