Hibiscus & Luffa Scrub , red scrub in jar with label on white background
Hibiscus & Luffa Scrub smeared out. Orangey texture
Hibiscus & Luffa Facial Scrub

Hibiscus & Luffa Facial Scrub

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Gentle and nourishing emulsified facial scrub with castor sugar, ground hibiscus and soft ground luffa. Suitable (and wonderful!) for sensitive skins. 

Contents may separate...stir before use. 

Spoon out required amount of scrub and gently massage onto damp face. Rinses off easily to leave skin soft and silky smooth but not red from harsh abrasion. 

Contents: Castor sugar, shea & cocoa butter, macadamia, fractionated coconut & jojoba oils, ground luffa & hibiscus, conditioning emulsifier (BTMS 50), vitamin E, rosemary leaf extract, phenoxyethanol + caprylyl glycol + sorbic acid (paraben-free preserv., pure essential oils of grapefruit, sandalwood, palma rosa, geranium, clary sage & Roman chamomile, cosmetic grade red mica.  

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