Honey Myrtle (Western Australian)
Honey Myrtle (Western Australian)

Honey Myrtle (Western Australian)

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Honey Myrtle Oil is a unique, Western Australian essential oil with a beautiful, light citral scent. The oil is harvested and steam distilled from Melaleuca teretifolia (citral chemotype), a small shrub which grows to approximately 5 metres. The oil has the highest known citral content (neral and geranial) of all Melaleucas.

This oil, just distilled in 2017 but only limited stocks available due to the South West fires.  Lemon myrtle (Eastern States) would be the closest substitute.

Citral is widely used in the perfume industry. Citral oils (part of the Functional Group of Aldehydes) are recognised are recognised as being anti-infectious (anti-bacterial), as well as calming when inhaled.

When used in a burner, Honey Myrtle Oil is excellent for clearing the head, helping quieten mental chatter and calming the mind. A word of caution – dermal use of aldehyde rich oils should be used with care and are best diluted. 

Botanical name

Melaleuca teretifolia (Western Australia)   

Aroma profile

Sweet, fresh and sparkling citrus character with a slight herbaceous twist . 

Key constituents 

Typically contains citral 65 - 72% (neral and geranial), myrcene (9-11%), geraniol 1.9 – 4.0%, (E)-isocitral up to 2.5%, limonene (0.5–2.0%), alpha pinene (0.5–1.5%) and  linalool (0.5%) 

Plant part

Leaf and terminal branches