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Our re-useable personal inhalers are an easy way to use pure essential oils in everyday life. They are small, portable, and convenient. Take them out, in a purse or travel bag, and use at work, home, your bedside...They are made of metal with internal wicks, and we supply instructions for use.

Our sense of smell is connected to the region of the brain that controls memories, emotions and hormones. This makes the method of inhaling aromatherapy oils very powerful. Inhalers can provide easy natural help for many ailments such as headaches, sinus and respiratory congestion, energy & focus, insomnia, anxiety and stress.

To use: simply unscrew the top, remove the cotton wick with tweezers, place 7-15 drops of pure essential oils of your choice in the glass chamber, replace the wick, screw the top back on and put the lid back. For children use only 4-8 drops. This should last 1-2 months, depending how often it is used.  Place the inhaler near the nostrils and breathe deeply. A good practice is to count to 5 on the inhale, hold for 2, then count to 7 on the exhale. 

Ideal Hidden Valley Blends

Colds, flu & congestion, air travel             Bush Breathe Blend                                            Insomnia                                                    Sleepy Blend                                                        Anxiety & stress                                         Peace or Soulace                                                Relaxation                                                  Cable Beach Sunset, Light Heart or Joy              Meditation                                                 Meditation                                                          Inner Peace & coming back to Self           Sacred Self


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