Rejuvenate Pack of 3

Rejuvenate Pack of 3

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Full set of 3 beautiful mild and primarily organic facial skin care products for dry or mature skin - Ubtan Vata Cleanser/Exfoliant, Toning & Treatment Serum and Moisturiser, with small sweet ceramic bowl and spoon, in a handy zip bag with full instructions and information.  These are our finest safest and most "chemical free" facial products, and we are confident you will love them too. 

We have remodelled this pack to include the Ubtan Vata - our very popular all natural finely ground cereal, herb and essential oil cleanser which works as both cleanser and mild scrub. This product is unique - it results from a kind of marriage of Ayurvedic skin care principles with our knowledge of Western herbs and essential oils - all to help dry or mature skin. There are NO synthetic chemicals - no emulsifiers or preservatives required. It may be sufficient to use this cleanser every few days if you are not wearing makeup.  However, the Rejuvenate 1 Creamy Cleanser is also available for daily use if required or if you prefer this.

If you need to remove heavy eye makeup, we advise using a few drops of a fine oil such as jojoba, or even olive or grapeseed.

(Serum & Moisturiser also available individually, in white satin bags.)

What’s special about our Rejuvenate range?

Basically, the purest, safest ingredients we could possibly find… 

Eco Cert (France) approved olive emulse wax, gentle and plant based

* Pure organic carrier oils – camellia, jojoba, evening primrose oil and rosehip, all chosen for their skin nurturing properties

* Pure organic hydrosols – the pure fragrant water from the distillation of essential oils Rose and Roman chamomile, skin loving and heart nourishing

* Organic plant extracts which are anti ageing, strengthening, elasticising, and anti oxidant – Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Gingko biloba, Olive leaf, Marshmallow and Rice.

* Soothing emollients & cleansers – organic shea butter, olive squalane, hydrolyzed oat protein and finely ground organic cereals and herbs to enhance cleansing and to support the lipid layer of skin, keeping it supple. We use no harsh or chemical foaming surfactants but there is no need for an additional facial scrub. The cleanser ingredients are based on a unique marriage of Aryurvedic skin care principles and Western herbs for dry/mature skin.

* Vitamins A (elasticity and age lines), B (moisturising and soothing ), C (anti ageing, soothing and protective), & E ( soothing, healing and regenerating)

* CoEnzymeQ10 – anti oxidant which protects the cell membrane against environmental damage caused by free radicals , thus helping to prevent wrinkles and sagging

* Bush Flower essences selected especially to balance and nurture the feminine

* Plant based gelling agents hydroxypropyl starch phosphate & dehydroxanthan gum

* Natural, non toxic preservative system (vegetable origin fragrance)

* Airless serum containers to keep products pure and contamination free, and special tools for a wholesome cleansing ritual.

How to use the Rejuvenate Pack of 3 Range

1) Cleanser/Exfoliant

Mix a spoon or two of Ubtan powder in the bowl with water, milk, rosewater, or even a few drops of oil if the face is very dry. Apply to damp face and neck and gently massage in.  Rinse clean. Remember not to drag the skin.

2) Toning Treatment Serum

Use one pump only – do not over apply. Rub between clean hands and smear thin layer over face and neck. Allow to dry before applying moisturizer.

3) Moisturiser

Only a tiny amount is needed of this rich, packed full of goodies cream – apply according to the level of dryness or humidity and the condition of skin. Generally a thin layer is adequate. Apply to entire face, being careful to pat around eye area and avoid drag.