Roebuck Bay Soybeam
Roebuck Bay Soybeam

Roebuck Bay Soybeam

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A soybeam for rest, uplift, life renewal and light heartedness - everything a stay near Roebuck Bay can offer.

Turquoise (like Roebuck Bay) in clear glass. 

With fresh uplifting citrus and mint - pure essential oils of sweet orange, lime, may chang, rose geranium, spearmint & peppermint. This is our "Light Heart" essential oil blend.

Our all vegetable soy wax Monaco glass container candles are safe, non-toxic and environmentally sustainable. They burn up to 50% longer than paraffin candles, contain higher levels of essential oils (we use 4%), and spills clean up easily with hot soapy water. We love making them too.


Small Soybeams - 7.5cm high, 6cm wide, 55 g of wax, burn around 8 hours. 

Medium Soybeams - 10cm high, 8cm wide, 165 g of wax, burn around 40 hours. 

In our shop we also offer Large Soybeams (320 g wax) to personal shoppers at $38 each. However, we have found these too fragile to be freighted for mail order customers. They need to be carried on planes as hand luggage. 

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