Smooth & Sexy
Smooth & Sexy
Smooth & Sexy

Smooth & Sexy

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Scrumptious certified organic cocoa butter, brown sugar, vanilla and walnut shell exfoliating body bar. So-o-o popular with Broome locals. Leaves skin soft and smooth, without intense oiliness, as the emulsifier helps wash excess oil away. 

Caution: keep in a cool place as cocoa butter is heat sensitive. We were only offering this in Broome's cool season, but local pressure to continue production means we now have Smooth & Sexy bars available all year. So far we have successfully sent them in mail orders, but we cannot guarantee that Air Express packages will not be left in the sun on airport tarmacs (unlikely, but not impossible). Please give us feedback!

Use in the shower or bath, rubbing gently over the entire body, then rinse well for soft, smooth, moist, almost edible skin. Ideal for showering with a friend….

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