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We sell polysorbate 20, a solubuliser for mists, room & linen sprays and dissolving essential oils in water. This is an innocuous product which makes sprays really easy to make for yourself.

For Room Sprays:

Choose your essential oil or essential oil blend and find a spray bottle (eg. from Bunnings, we also sell one here) mix well with equal quantities of solubuliser, then add water. For example, for a 5% room spray in 100ml spray container, add 5mls (100 drops or 1 teaspoon) essential oil plus 5mls solubuliser, mix really well, then top up with filtered water.

For Reed Diffusers:

No separations and gives a gorgeous milky colour no matter the essential oils used. This is how you make 100ml (and a little more) of diffuser liquid using this combination:

  1. Add in a minimum total of 30 drops of your choice of essential oils to your container.
  2. Add in the equivalent amount of drops of Polysorbate-20 to the container.
    *Note: A 1:1 ratio is recommended for Polysorbate-20 to fragrance oil/essential oil.
  3. Add in 100ml of  water.
    a) Room temperature or hot water is fine. Cold water can also be used but the Polysorbate-20 + Essential Oils mixture won’t blend as thoroughly with it.

     b) Distilled, tap or filtered water is fine. If you’re concerned about bacteria growth, you can change the liquid once every few days.

  4. Your diffuser liquid is now ready to be used!

*Note: Once the aroma of the essential oil has faded, you can just add more but there will be a separation between the new essential oil and the diffuser liquid.

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