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We sell polysorbate 20, a solubuliser for mists, room & linen sprays and dissolving essential oils in water. This is an innocuous product which makes sprays really easy to make for yourself.

For Room Sprays:

Choose your essential oil or essential oil blend and find a spray bottle (eg. from Bunnings, we also sell one here) mix really well with equal or up to 3 times as much quantity of solubuliser, then add water.

For example, for a 2.5% room spray in 100ml spray container, add 2.5mls (50 drops or 1/2 teaspoon) essential oil plus 2.5-7.5mls solubuliser (we would add 5 mls).  Mix really well, then top up with filtered water. Different essential oils require different amounts of solubuliser to turn the solution clear.  If you dont mind your spray looking a little milky, then the amount of solubuliser doesn't matter. The key thing is to mix essential oil & solubuliser VERY WELL before adding water.