Soulace Essential Oil Blend
Soulace Essential Oil Blend

Soulace Essential Oil Blend

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Pure essential oil blend to lighten, uplift and de-stress, giving soul comfort like a loving, gentle embrace. It's a blend chosen to encourage a lightness of being, a sense of comfort and letting go of negative patterns and past conditioning, so the soul can relax and shine radiantly. Perfect for homes and also work spaces, especially wholistic healing, massage and skin care rooms. 

Combines pure essential oils of bergamot (bergapten-free), lavender, frankincense,geranium and patchouli.

This blend was suggested to us by Emma, from Broome Holistic Healing - thank you Emma for such a gentle, light and uplifting blend! We know you share the same values. You can find Emma on Facebook and Insta @broome_holistic_healing. It is lovely to support and cooperate with compatible businesses in Broome, and we thank Em for her suggestion. 

We produced the essential oil blend and then made a lovely mist as well (see Soulace Pure Essential Oil Room Spray) to disperse it quickly throughout a room. The essential oils are all skin friendly, so the spray is also lovely as a mist for the face and body.