Sun over Sea Gift Hamper
Sun over Sea Gift Hamper

Sun over Sea Gift Hamper

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At Cable Beach we so often see crowds of visitors and also locals, watching the sun setting over that endless Indian Ocean. In the Wet Season or buildup (October through March) the tropical skies can be quite spectacular, an endless source of joy and delight. And we are reminded that this event, watching the sun descend into the sea horizon, is iconic for all West Australians. We grew up either by the ocean or having holidays there. It is part of our psyche and we orient our sense of direction this way. It brings up feelings of nostalgia, clarity, satisfaction, love, feeling at-home, refreshed, grounded and relaxed.

This gift hamper is inspired by this love of sun setting over sea, such a West Australian thing. We wanted a really yummy bathroom set of body wash, room spray and body lotion with a similar aroma which reflects WA and the concept of sun over ocean. So we chose delicious West Australian honey myrtle essential oil. This is a special one, not nearly as well known as lemon myrtle (from Queensland).  But in our opinion it is even lovelier. It is distilled near Harvey in the South West, and recent crops were decimated by the fires down there. But we have enough, and the honey myrtle is regenerating, so we can manage to include it as the major component in an essential oil blend. 

To this beautiful warm lemony bushy essential oil we have added sweet orange, for even more warmth (the sun factor!) and some cold pressed lime for zing and freshness, like the sea air. In the body lotion we replaced the lime with may chang (litsea cupeba) to reduce any possible citrus phototoxic effects in stay-on skin products. We like may chang even better than lemongrass, and it has similar properties.  The room spray is fab! Perfect for the loo.  And we think you will like the overall aroma and concept.  It's so much fun creating new products in this way! From the heart, with some knowledge and experience thrown in.