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Super Serum

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Super Serum is our ultimate serum for hydration, moisturising, replenenishing and repairing skin.  It incorporates a multitude of goodies and we are excited to present our finest ever ingredients for skincare in one serum.  This serum will be helpful for all ages, but particularly older people who may have lowered natural hydration, skin cell replacement, collagen production and have the most skin damage.

It has been our experience to feel a difference after just a few daily applications - skin stays hydrated, smooth and elastic all day.  We would love to hear what you think of it!

How was it developed?

One day in the Luscious Ladies’ Lab Ali was truly inspired by the beautiful ingredients surrounding her: the mix of local boab and gubinge (Kakadu plum) oils so rich in vitamin C and long-term anti-wrinkle use by indigenous women, the Vitamins C ,B and E in the fridge, the amazing forms of hyaluronic acid now available, the olive squalane so like skin sebum, allantoin (an ancient skin soother from comfrey), aloe juice, beautiful pure rosewater hydrosol and the soothing healing extracts of calendula and chamomile, our wonderful orange Co-enzyme Q10, the best essential oils for skin and the new sophisticated gellants which could hold serums together.

“Let’s just put all these best-of-the-best ingredients for anti-aging facial skin care together in a Super Serum!”

And so it was born.

We couldn’t believe the name hadn’t been widely used already. And we tested widely (on ourselves, human animals only!), with fabulous results.  A word on hyaluronic – it occurs naturally in healthy skin but is produced more slowly as we age, and it holds over 1000 times its weight in moisture, so you can just imagine the hydration effect it provides. A squirt or two after cleansing in the morning seems to keep skin soft, moist, hydrated all day long!

We would love you to try this too and give us more feedback. We know it’s not cheap. But you can rest assured that the cost is primarily to cover fantabulous ingredients!

Ingredients list:

Pure rosa damascena hydrosol (cooling, mildly astringent and suitable for dry, mature, sensitive and devitalised skin),

Vitamins B,C & E, Kimberley cold pressed Boab oil (reputed by Kimberley locals to diminish wrinkles)

Hyaluronic acid (which holds 1000 times its weight in water!)

Allantoin (soothes and exfoliates dead skin cells)

Aloe juice (cooling)

Olive squalane (closest to natural skin sebum)

Organic rosehip oil (cicatrisant)

Co-enzyme Q-10 (powerful naturally occurring anti-oxidant reducing skin damage and improving skin hydration)

Chamomile & calendula extracts (anti-inflammatory, soothing & healing)

Beautiful pure essential oils of rose otto (the best!), frankincense, myrrh, helichrysum, rose geranium, palma rosa & German chamomile.

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