Pestoff Spray

Pestoff Spray

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Our highly successful Pestoff Concentrate made into a smaller 125ml spray version for normal use or a 500ml trigger spray for heavy use requirements. 

A completely natural herbal spray designed to deter insects. It contains no DEET but has 3 active ingredient types - a local plant extract used traditionally to deter insects, neem oil (a natural insecticide) and insect deterring essential oils. It works perfectly well if used properly - it needs to be applied to all exposed skin and re-applied every 2 - 3 hours.

Use sparingly on children under 3 years as this spray contains 3% essential oils.  Some customers have told us anecdotally that Pestoff works if diluted again by half, so we suggest trying this on young children. As for all skin care products, patch test on the inner wrist first. Always cover up physically (eg. with muslin over a pram) if you can. Another idea is to use a thick layer of coconut oil or baby oil (a mineral oil which stays on the surface) on exposed skin so insects can't get a purchase on skin. See the Biting Midges in Broome pamphlet in the Downloads tab for other ideas for littlies.

A large 500ml bottle is available but due to its weight, we suggest you buy just the Pestoff Concentrate plus the empty 500ml trigger spray bottle and add your own water.

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