Sandalwood (West Australian)
Sandalwood (West Australian)
Sandalwood (West Australian)

Sandalwood (West Australian)

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Santalum spicatum (Western Australia)

The highest grade West Australian steam-distilled sandalwood. So sad that this is now terribly expensive. The price seems to be manipulated like the oil price.

We have a reasonable quality fragrant (synthetic) sandalwood oil for much less. (You can find that here). Some people actually prefer the aroma. However, there will be no therapeutic effects. 

Australian Sandalwood grows naturally in Western Australia and is extracted from various wood grades sourced from premium growing regions. This oil has an alpha santalol content of greater than 25%, which is considerably higher than other Australian Sandalwood Oils on the market.

Botanical name

Santalum spicatum

Extraction process

Steam distillation

Aroma profile

Sweet, soft woody aroma

Key constituents

High Grade specification contains greater than 25% alpha santalol

Standard Grade specification meets the AS 2112:2003 and ISO specification for greater than 15% alpha santalol

Key constituents include hydrocarbons santalol (alpha and beta), bisabolol, bergamatol, farnesol, nuciferol and lanceol

Plant part

Selected wild harvested wood, including roots, butts and logs (large and small)