Christmas Newsletter 2021 - And Our Christmas Wish

Welcome to all the new customers who have trusted us with their purchases this last year! We like to send out this newsletter to tell you about Christmas & holiday plans, to wrap the year up and advise about new products.  And we want to thank our loyal oldies who have made the switch to the new system. Please remember we welcome your phone calls any time on 08 9193 7036 and especially value feedback of all kinds, which helps us change and grow well. We treasure you as part of our growing Hidden Valley family, and we want to meet all your needs and expectations as best we can.

Hidden Valley News

Back L-R: Smokey, Ali, Kat, Jan   Front: Soizic, Sabine, Rachel

Here is our marvellous current team! Sabine (production & general do-everything woman) and Soizic (sales & administration, Thursdays & Fridays) came in August, joining Katrin (full time production manager) and Rachel (sales & administration Monday to Wednesday). Jan helps us package each Wednesdays. Smokey packages up and takes all the daily mail orders to the post office each morning, is general Mr Fixit, and runs Saturday morning markets. Ali designs new products, orders all our ingredients & packaging, and manages the finances. We have such a beautiful blend of skills right now. And threaded into the hard work is much laughter, singing, hugs and mutual support.

It has been a year of growth. We launched our new Shopify website in late October 2020, and are really pleased with the result this past year. Online sales have grown and are way easier and quicker to process. We trust they are easy for you too. With all our extra WA visitors and online sales we needed to ramp up production, creating two lovely new coolrooms! One is to keep the soap cool, dry and happy over our humid Wet season, soon to come, and the other is located off our Luscious Ladies’ Lab – to store all our essential oils and fabulous plant ingredients safely through the Wet and the hot times in Broome. We also sealed and air conditioned the Soap Kitchen so that Katrin, Sabine & Smokey can make soap all year. And we resurfaced the driveways and installed a concrete crossover so you can access the shop after heavy rains without needing a 4WD!


What’s New? 

We have resurrected our lovely Christmas Goodwill soap, our 3 soap box Aromas & Colours of Christmas, and our Christmas Giftlets. There are lots of lovely boxes and gifts available here in Christmas Gift Collections. 

And dont forget our beautiful and totally unique Heart Urchin soap, the solid shampoo bars which have become so popular, and our recent highly successful Super Serum.

In addition, we have created a couple of new things. Celebrate! Soap was a truly collaborative effort.

Imagine two soapies with German heritage, chatting in German about how Christmas smelled and felt in Europe, add an English gal (Rachel), a French gal (Soizic), Ali (who lived in Amsterdam for 2 years), and you have a potent mix of nostalgia for northern hemisphere smells and feels – that Gezelligheid/Gemutlichheid or Geselligkeit/Gemutlichheid which simply don't translate well in English but are about a warm and cosy feeling of being with friends or family to celebrate together. Celebrate! Soap came from this – a wonderful warm blend of spices with a hint of dark chocolate, in a light watermelon red with gold & white marbles. We love it and hope you do too! Perfect to team with Peace (aka Pearl) or Christmas Goodwill soap. Try it out and let us know if we should keep it!

We also created a companion for our lovely natural sunscreen Skinsmart. This is After Sun Soothe & Repair lotion, which we are truly happy with to replenish skin suffering from sun or wind damage, dryness or sunburn. We used some of the herbs in Herbal Skin Calm, in a light milky non-greasy lotion full of aloe vera (30%) to soothe burns and hyaluronic acid to replenish moisture.

Spa Bars, small and long lasting clay mask blocks, are coming soon, made by our friend naturopath Denise Dillon-Smith. They are pink (normal/sensitive or mature) and green (young or troubled), made from French clay, pure hydrosols and herbal extracts chosen to suit skin type and pure essential oils to nurture and regenerate (pink), or to balance and soothe (green). These will appear in the website on their arrival about November 1. 

Gift Vouchers

We have worked hard to make it super simple to send your loved ones an attractive and easy to redeem Gift Voucher! You can choose your amount, add a personal message to your voucher, and even schedule when you would like to send your voucher to them. Everything else is automated. We understand that it is hard to choose products for people you love, but you know they may really like our range. So this is a perfect and easy way to send a gift to them.

Celebrate10 Discount & Postage

We are offering you 10% discount across the board for all products ordered online from now until the end of November. This will automatically be applied at checkout. We have also lowered the threshold for free freight from $250 to $200. So please take advantage of the discount to get your Christmas orders in early! Unfortunately Australia Post is increasingly slow and sometimes unreliable – possibly out of their control and due to the limited flights operating throughout Australia. We try to process all our orders and get them out in a very short time, often less than 24 hours. But we have no control over what happens after our delivery to the PO. For this reason we are not guessing any final dates for last orders. So please allow plenty of time! If you are late consider Gift Vouchers.

For up to date shipping times please visit Australia Post at

Remember, we are happy to apply gift packaging at a small fee, with your words on a small card, to any order for any recipient and send direct to them. You will see this option in the checkout process. This makes gift giving easy in situations when you are just not able to be present – so prevalent right now. 

Christmas Plans

We will only shut the shop for the normal Christmas holidays this year, so we will reopen on Wed to Friday December 29-31, and resume again on Tuesday 4th January with Wet Season hours – 10-3 Monday to Friday and Sat 9-12. If anyone is coming to Broome for their Christmas break, do pop in to see us! However, Smokey will stop going to the markets after December 18th, until approximately Easter time. 

Our Christmas Message

We are a small family business invested in building unity, respect for Gaia, conscious growth and love. And we are seriously concerned about current developments in Australia and worldwide. So we have decided, unanimously, that we will never discriminate on any grounds, and we will always love and respect all our customers, suppliers, community, and friends.

We wish all of you, whatever your decisions in this troubled time, a strengthening of your own intuition and inner knowing, and a resilient capacity to soldier on to help create the future you envisage for your children and grandchildren. We send our love and solidarity, as we believe we all have gifts to contribute, and are all born to be here at this critical time in the Earth’s unfolding. 

As always, much love, from the Hidden Valley team x 

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    Thank you
    It’s been many years and I’ve always enjoyed your products and your Christmas newsletter…one day I’ll get to visit !
    Best wishes to all of you for Christmas,the New Year and beyond

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